topper Suraj P.
M : 99, P : 97, C : 92
topper Anirudh B.
M : 97, P : 96, C : 94
topper Gauri Thorat
M : 98, P : 96,
C : 91, B : 92

proprietorWe started “nurturing” students in the year 2002 through group tuitions with a motto of enhancing student’s talent and bringing out the best in them by transforming their ability and skills into results, because we understand that these are achievable only by catching them young and tuning them according to their capabilities.
The foundation of “LANCET” is laid by committed, competitive young and experienced faculty, who enhance and sharpen the young talents with their sincere, dedicated efforts. The LANCET class rooms are equipped with state of the art equipments which are available in the teaching arena, which include projectors, computers, white board and so on.
The LANCET classes believe in simplicity, believe in results and talent enhancement through proper coaching and guidance but not in showoff.

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